About 07nlchamps

Emily can be seen at most Colorado Rockies
games during the year wearing her pink Rockies cowboy hat,
and sitting in the pavilion. She recently turned 5, and at
the end of the 2008 season, has attended 248 Rockies games,
and counting. She can be found at EVERY batting practice
talking to the players in the left-field pavilion, and 1/2
hour before game time playing either kickball or whiffle ball
with Dinger on the field in left field. You will also find
her in line waiting to see Dinger at the top of the 3rd
inning behind the batter’s eye in center field. If you see
Emily at a game, come say hi, and quiz her on any player from
the Rockies. She knows the entire 40 man roster’s jersey
numbers, so feel free to give her a player, and she will give
you their number.