Marc Stout said he needed to  PLAN coming out to interview Emily a little better, so the interview didn’t get done on Wednesday.  I did manage to catch my first home run off of Adrian Gonzalez in the 7th inning Wednesday, and you can watch it here at 1:12.   I was eating french fries at the time, so didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare 🙂


I will keep you posted on Emily’s interview, he said we might do it next week. 



I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that Emily will be getting interviewed DURING this Wednesday’s afternoon game on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain by Marc Stout.  So if you are near your tv, or can’t watch, record it, and look for Emily. 


PICT0153.JPGHAPPY OPENING DAY, this was Emily and our friend Betty at Opening Day 2008, I can’t believe how much she has grown since last year.  The day started out by getting down to the stadium at around 10:15 to take in all of the festivities.  My dad couldn’t believe how many people were already down there, he thought we would be one of the few that were getting there so early.  This was my mom and dad’s first Opening Day at Coors Field. We went over and they had a big slide for Emily to slide down, and lots of othe stuff for kids to do.


I have decided to not talk about the game a whole lot, since there are professional writers that get paid to talk about the game.  We were at the gates for them to open at 12 pm, I watched the Rockpile Ranter “pick up” the first batting practice ball of 2009.  The reason I say, “picked up”, is because he had it hit his glove on the fly, and he dropped it.   I’m not sure what excuse he will have on his blog, but he just flat out dropped it.  Sorry Don 🙂  During the Rockies batting practice Emily yelled at Manny Corpas to just say hello, and when he turned around to say hi back, noticed it was Emily and threw her a ball.  Emily 1, Dad 0.  I then caught a bouncer, one on the fly, and another one that was dropped by some other guys, so the final of the day was Dad 3, Emily 0.  It’s pretty easy, since Emily hasn’t kind of tired of getting balls, so she doesn’t ask for them anymore.  If she put her mind to it, put her pink cowboy hat on, and got her pink glove on, she could probably average about 5 balls a game, but she chooses to run around and eat M & Ms during batting practice.  The game ended up 10-3, and the Rockies are now 3 – 1.  If anyone has anything else they want me to take pictures of during batting practice or the game, let me know.  I’m not a big picture taker, especiallly during batting practice, or the game, but I will if people want certain pictures.  Here are some other pics, and I have more on my facebook link at the bottom. 
PICT0122.JPGOpening Day is always a terrible day to go see Dinger up in center field, since there is always a huge line, so I hoped Emily would forget about it.  She then saw Dinger up there and was very upset she wasn’t up there to see him, but I told her we would see him up there tomorrow night, and she reluctantly stopped pouting about it.  Well, an inning later, look who showed up at our seats to say hello, Dinger.  As you can see, Emily is very happy to see him, and I think Dinger was happy to see her, also.  Thanks Brady and Tyler. 
PICT0113.JPGHere’s Danny’s sign he made.  We had talked about a sign that just WHOLLIDAY earlier in the year, but he went one step further with it, and I think it probably made Ryan feel pretty good.  He got nothing but compliments for the sign.  Ryan Spillborghs’ dad like it, also, and had Robert take a picture  him and Danny with the sign.  I wanted to see what it said before the game, since he had it folded in half, but Danny wouldn’t let anyone see it until the Rockies came out on to the field for the start of the game.  Well, Danny made a mistake and left it at our seats to go get some food, and after about 5 minutes of taking all the paper clips off of it, I had a “sneak peek” of the sign.  Well I have to go dye Easter eggs with Emily and get ready of game 2 of 81, since we have to be there at 4 for the gates to open.  Also, I have had some people want to come meet Emily, and want to know exactly where we sit, and it is Row 1, Section 153 in the pavilion.  If you really want to make friends with her, the best and quickest way to do that is to show up with either a Lemonade Squishy, or a bag of M & M’s 🙂  Anyhow, thanks for reading, and go Rockies!!!!!





Opening Day at Coors Field is just 10 days away!

Season tickets are finally in, and here’s what they look like.  They remind me of one of those pictures you have taken at a carnival where you dress up in those old-fashioned clothes, and the edge of those pics remind me of the edges on the tickets.  PICT0079.JPGWe rounded up all the baseballs we got/caught at Spring Training, and I decided to take a picture of the balls with Emily.

Last but not least, have you ever wondered what 648 tickets looked like spread out on a floor?  Well you don’t have to wonder what it would like anymore:)  My wife Julie couldn’t believe I would take the time to spread them all out, but I thought it would make an interesting picture. 

Other than that, Emily and I are ready for Opening Day, and can’t wait.  My mom and dad are coming down from Montana to go to the game, along with our buddy Randy, which you will hear a lot more about him during the season.   I have been to close to 900 Rockies games since moving here from Montana, and have a ton of stories, but have no clue where to start.  If someone has a question, or wants me to write something on a certain subject, let me know.  


Finally some free time to post our spring training pics.

Well it’s been a while since we got home, and I am just getting a little time to post some pics.  What I didn’t realize is that there is no way to upload more than one pic at a time.  What?  One at a time, I don’t have time for that.  What I have done is uploaded pics to my Facebook, and here are the links below.  When everything was said and done, Emily and I came home with 65 baseballs and had a great time 🙂  Sorry about the delay, but I think I downloaded 200-250 pics on Facebook in about 30 minutes.  Enjoy the pics.

Hi Corbett Field – Colorado Rockies vs. Oakland A’s 3/10/09

Goodyear Park – Colorado Rockies vs. Cleveland Indians 3/11/09

Tempe Diablo Stadiium – Colorado Rockies vs. LA Angels of Anaheim 3/12/09

Surprise Stadium – Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals 3/13/09

Camelback Ranch – Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 3/15/09

Hi Corbett Field – Colorado Rockies vs. Kansas City Royals 3/17/09


We’re in Tucson, ready to roll!

Well the trip to Tucson was pretty uneventful except for the guy sitting across the aisle that snored louder than I’ve ever heard anyone snore before.  The only other problem was my computer battery dying 25 minutes into Emily’s movie, so I had to talk her into taking a nap, which actually worked.  We are staying at the Hotel Arizona, which is right downtown Tucson, only 3.9 miles to be exact from Hi Corbett Field, which is the reason for staying here.  Other than that, we will be down at Hi Corbett as early as I want to get up, which will probably put us there around 10-10:30.  After that, we are headed up to Emily & horse.JPGPhoenix to get ready for some more Rockies games on Wednesday and Thursday.  I’ll take some pics, and get them posted as soon as internetly possible.  I don’t think that is a word, but it is now:) 


Our first post, our first trip to Spring Training starts today

Rockies logo.jpg
wall of balls.jpg
toy box.jpg
World Series 07 logo.jpg
NL champs logo.jpg
pennants.jpgWe are headed to Tucson, Arizona for 8 days of baseball today.  Emily doesn’t know it yet, she thinks we are flying out tomorrow, but like most 5 year olds, if you told her we were leaving today, she would be a little hard to manage.  With her expected departure date of tomorrow, it makes it a little easier on mom.  If she knew we were leaving today, all mom would hear all day is, ” Is it time to leave yet?”.  Anyhow, we fly out tonight getting into Tucson, and will be watching our Colorado Rockies play the Oakland Athletics tomorrow.  I am going to post a few pictures of Emily’s bedroom, just so I can see if I know how to post a picture.  See you soon.